Dual PC - VoiceMeeter Banana VBAN Setup


VBAN is a "Audio Over IP" function included with VoiceMeeter banana and this allows you to send audio channels over the local network to another receiving computer running VoiceMeeter Banana or the stand-alone VBAN Receptor to receive and further maniuplate the audio.

Initial Setup

This guide will build further on top of the "Single PC Voicemeeter" guide where you will have a separated audio channel from your microphone and desktop audio. This would mean you can keep using your microphone and headset as normal even if your streaming PC is turned off and you can keep them connected to the gaming PC. Follow the initial setup guide found here to get an initial setup and how-to if you are new using VoiceMeeter Banana but you can ignore the parts where you need to add sources to OBS Studio or Streamlabs OBS as you won't be using this, instead we are going to send out the audio via VBAN.

Send Audio from Game PC

With the initial setup done we want to enable VBAN and this can be done so by clicking [VBAN] top-right of VoiceMeeter Banana next to the menu. A new window will show with input streams, output streams, and various settings. Click VBAN is OFF in the top-left so it becomes blue, indicating that VBAN is enabled.

Following the initial guide to have two audio signals going to OBS Studio or Streamlabs OBS, having game audio separated from your microphone, we will send out two audio streams to the stream PC with VBAN. To do so, enable two outgoing streams by clicking On so it turns green, select the source signal, in this case BUS B1 and BUS B2 which are the virtual outputs of VoiceMeeter that you would have used as a mic/aux capture in OBS Studio or Streamlabs OBS in a signle PC setup.

Voicemeeter Banana GamePC VBAN

You can give the streams a name for identifaction and for the IP address you have two possible options. You either use the local IP address of the streaming PC so VBAN sends this directly to the streaming PC or you use a broadcast IP address, as shown in the image above, which would end on .255. Common local IP address would be but depending on your router settings this can vary. If you like to use a direct IP address if the broadcast IP is not working, you can see the IP at the top of the VB-Audio Network Configuration window on your Stream PC.

Receive Audio on Stream PC

To receive the audio on your Stream PC you'll need to install VoiceMeeter Banana on that device. You could use the VBAN Receptor to only receive the audio but by installing VoiceMeeter as well will allow you to send audio back to the Game PC, to be used for you to hear audio on your Stream PC! Set up VoiceMeeter Banana also on your Stream PC just as on your Game PC and make sure that the default audio device is also VoiceMeeter on your Stream PC to handle all audio first via VoiceMeeter.

Enable VBAN just like you did on the Game PC but this time you should see that there are two incomming streams detected, that is if you setup the IP Address correctly on the Game PC. Click On for the first two incomming streams to enable them and then right-click the IP Address field to show a context-list with available detected streams, this allows making selecting the stream easier. Once you have done this you can pass the incomming streams to an input of choice, in this case for this guide you will use In #1 and In #2 respectively.

Voicemeeter Banana StreamPC VBAN

In VoiceMeeter Banana main application make sure that Hardware Input 1 and 2 have no device selected and give them an appropiate name if wanted.

Capture Audio Sources

VoiceMeeter Banana on your Stream PC has now three audio sources, hardware input 1 (Game PC Desktop) and 2 (Game PC Microphone) and the main virtual VAIO input (Stream PC Desktop). To capture these in OBS Studio or Streamlabs OBS we are going to make use of the virtual outputs available in VoiceMeeter and receive them in the streaming software as mic/aux (inputs) audio. First select a hardware output device for A1, even if it is not used (or connected) but this is needed to initialze VoiceMeeter and used later to send audio back to the Game PC.

Highlight ▶B1 under Hardware Input 1 (Game PC Desktop) to patch it to virtual output B1 and highlight ▶B2 under Hardware Input 2 (Game PC Microphone) to patch it to the second virtual output B2. To also have the alerts, and other Stream PC audio, on stream highlight ▶A1 and ▶B1 under the Voicemeeter VAIO virtual input strip to patch this also to B1 to create a final mix for OBS Studio or Streamlabs OBS of Game PC and Stream PC desktop audio.

Voicemeeter Banana Stream PC patching

After you patched the audio sources to their respective virtual outputs, open up the audio settings in OBS Studio or Streamlabs OBS and select for "Mic/Auxilary Audio Device" VoiceMeeter Output (VB-Audio VoiceMeeter VAIO) to capture this output from VoiceMeeter and it is recommended to name the new capture VoiceMeeter B1 or Game+Stream for clarity. Next is to select for "Mic/Auxilary Audio Device 2" VoiceMeeter Aux Output (VB-Audio VoiceMeeter AUX VAIO) and name it VoiceMeeter B2 or Microphone for clarity as well. And now you are capturing audio from both Game PC and Stream PC while also having the microphone still separated!

Send Stream PC Audio to Game PC

Now the last thing to do is send the desktop audio from the Stream PC, which contains alert audio and other media sources with audio you monitor, to the Game PC for you to hear again. Create a new outgoing Stream on the Stream PC just like you did on the Game PC, give it a name and select BUS A1 as the source. If you set up VoiceMeeter Banana on your Stream PC following this guide, A1 will contain Stream PC desktop audio only.

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On your Game PC enable and select the incoming stream from the Stream PC like you did on the Stream PC, and select In #2 as the destination. Make sure that no hardware device is selected for hardware input 2. All that is left to do is patch this new audio to your headset only by highlighting ▶A1. If you patch it also to either B1 or B2 then the stream will hear the alert audio twice and other Stream PC audio.

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